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Flood Relief Appeal in Nepal

One E-library per district campaign Shelter for Children

e-library projectElectronic library is an ambitious/innovative project launched by Help Nepal Network to offer computer facilities to students and communities in all 75 districts of the country. Read more... 

Shelter for ChildrenJoin us in helping make a difference to the lives of children who have lost everything through the conflict in Nepal. Read more...


Nepali youths complete British 10K Run

Spinal injury in Nepal ?

British 10K RunnersHere are a group of friends rising to the challenge of equipping a health post in Nepal.
They are making it Happen!

SIRC Sher Bahadur Gurung

There is only one institution you could turn to in Nepal for help if you suffered a serious spinal injury.

Sadly it is not enough.


Gopal Yonjan Song
Gopal Yonjan Song Gopal Yonjan Song

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